Welcome to BigFoil.com, a database of shapes, data, and other information pertinent to 2D airfoil sections.

The sections presented herein are provided largely by the UIUC Airfoil Coordinates Database or generated programmatically by Martin Hepperle's JavaFoil. A handful of sections were sourced from NACA-TR-824 and other freely available sources.
For each shape, scripted JavaFoil batch runs were used to compute the lift, drag, and moment polars for a variety of Reynolds numbers, Mach numbers, surface roughnesses. Data was also generated for plain flapped sections with varying chord length and deflection angle.
Where available, wind tunnel data has been imported, largely from the UIUC Low-Speed Airfoil Tests and NACA-TR-824.
CFD data has also been imported for a select number of airfoils, such as for NACA0012 from the NASA Langley Turbulence Modeling Resource.

For each airfoil, I share the DAT and DXF files, show the parameters for a Venkataraman (four-spline) fit, list the top 20 most similarly-shaped airfoils, and show this data:
To aid in selecting airfoils, I present a visual catalog showing every airfoil, and there is a "Big Table" showing data like airfoil family, thickness, Cl max, Cl/Cd max, and Cd at various lift coefficients.
There is also a tool for comparing airfoil shapes, a Re and Mach calculator, and a tool to interrogate the database to find and compare data for airfoils.

Explore the links below to see all of BigFoil's features, and browse the tree of airfoils on the left, categorized by major airfoil families.

Please contact me if you have any issues, suggestions, or questions.


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